Murals Panoramic Where Artistic Presentation of Panoramic Photographs meets the Digital Medium of High Resolution Mural Printing
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The Birth of the Telephoto Wide Viewpoint Mural

The 5x24 inch format camera was built in 1999 to expose very large format negatives that could produce high resolution enlargements ranging from 6 to 20 feet, or more. The camera established a new telephoto wide viewpoint, a different way of seeing landscape subjects. The lenses covering this format range from 19 to 72 inch focal lengths.

The negatives are drum scanned to produce large digital files, then re-touched and color and density adjusted to bring out the best of the subject. For trade shows, the printing is done on a wide format Roland

FJ500 printer, onto semi-gloss paper, using an eight color pigmented ink spectrum that includes green and orange. The end result is a wider color gamut.The prints are printed in one piece, and lamination is left to customer arrangement. The prints can then be taped to display booth walls.

For a more permanent display, the printing is done onto heavy archival cotton rag paper. Prints wider than 96 inches are printed in halves or thirds depending on size, allowing for some overlap. The image surface of all archival prints are laminated to seal out harmful atmospheric gasses. The prints are shipped in a tube, ready for mounting onto gatorboard.